Product in the picture: Wolf OFFICIALTECH 0W30 MS-BHDI

Product in the picture: Wolf OFFICIALTECH 0W30 MS-BHDI

This month’s product in the picture is our new Wolf OFFICIALTECH 0W30 MS-BHDI.

At Wolf we are constantly looking to develop new products that offer a solution for the rapidly changing lubricants market. This specific product is a full synthetic lubricant that has been developed for the new PSA EURO VI Blue HDi DW10F engines that have an exhaust aftertreatment system and a turbocharger. It is a Low SAPS lubricant, which means it contains a limited amount of Sulphated Ash, Phosphor and Sulphur, which clog the filter of your aftertreatment system.

Although the product is primarily developed for mandatory use in the PSA EURO VI Blue HDi DW10F engines, it is also usable for other OEM’s passenger cars requiring this viscosity grade and ACEA C2 performance, making it a multi vehicle oil application. This product is backwards compatible with all EURO IV and EURO V engines. On top of that, it has an optimum formulation for today’s cars with extended service/drain intervals.

At Wolf, we believe it is important to contribute to sustainable mobility by developing products, like this one, that guarantee lower emissions and fuel economy. Thanks to its low viscosity and outstanding fluidity, this oil significantly reduces wear and ensures fuel savings and lower CO2 emissions. Its optimized additive package reduces soot and deposits and keeps the engine clean. This lubricant has a fuel economy benefit of no less than 4,2% in comparison to a 5W40 oil, which makes it definitely worth your consideration!

For more information, please check Wolf OFFICIALTECH 0W30 MS-BHDI

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