InterAuto Moscow: a great success!

InterAuto Moscow: a great success!

Last month, our team was present at the 11th edition of InterAuto Moscow. Thanks to our dedicated Russian speaking team and the dynamism of our Russian partners Euro Auto, Umax, Russian Chemical Company, Avto v Centre and Konus we were able to catch up with long-term partners and even meet new ones! And that’s what Wolf is all about: fruitful partnerships!

Interauto was a great opportunity for our team to tell the story of Wolf Oil Corporation, the company behind the Wolf brand, which celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. We had the chance to meet our end customers and to exchange knowledge about their needs and impressions. We all came back with great insights that will help us pave the way to a great Wolf success story on the Russian and CIS market. Julia Dubovitskaia, Sales Manager at Wolf Oil Corporation.
We would like to thank all of you for your presence at our specially designed Wolf stand. Being so close to the entry of the fair, we were happy to have reached many of you!

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