Automechanika Innovation Award – MAHA Duo Lifter: testing without a hassle

Automechanika Innovation Award – MAHA Duo Lifter: testing without a hassle

Test drives are often legally required by law as part of the vehicle testing process. However, there is often a lack of a suitable testing area, or the weather does not permit a test drive. The MFP 3000 by MAHA overcomes this problem with test rollers that attach to MFP’s popular DUO lifter.

MAHA’s MFP 3000 is the first test bench on which a test drive, and the efficiency test for safety and driving assistance systems, can be performed. This makes the inspection workflow more efficient and provides greater safety than road traffic.

Active safety systems and driver assistance systems reduce the risk of an accident and increase road safety. This increased safety will only be maintained, however, if the systems are inspected a few years after the car is new in order to check that everything is still working correctly. This inspection is part of the vehicle review performed by vehicle workshops and the periodic technical inspection carried out by inspection organizations. This is why the new PTI Directive 2014/45/EU prescribes the testing of safety-related vehicle systems across Europe.

Until now, electronic safety systems have been tested on the basis of the error lamp status or by reading the error memory. These test methods only provide limited information on how well the safety systems are actually working. MAHA’s innovative driving test bench MFP 3000, on the other hand, provides a real efficiency test of the safety and assistance systems. With the MFP 3000, the inspector can drive the vehicle as if it were on the road and check that the various systems are working correctly, such as the ABS, the ESP, the electronic differential lock, the ACC and the cornering lamps – all while the vehicle is on the lift.

A true innovation that was awarded an Innovation Award at Automechanika.

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