What is a DPF?

We often get the question from our clients about what DPFs – Diesel Particulate Filters – are exactly and what role they play in a car.

Modern vehicles are designed to emit very low levels of noxious substances into the air. This is achieved by installing sophisticated after-treatment devices. Very common are the Diesel Particulate Filters or DPF, used to reduce the level of particulate matter (soot) emitted by the engine. Exhaust gas flows through the porous walls and the solid particles stay behind.  The DPF will need to be regenerated from time to time to burn the accumulated particles. This process is controlled by the board computer and requires high temperatures.

Different manufacturers use different technologies and different strategies for the design and the regeneration of their DPFs.

DPFs are fitted to practically every new diesel engine and are positioned close to the engine exhaust. PSA Peugeot Citroën was the first to use them as a standard device on cars, starting from 2000 onwards.

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