How fast will the DPF of your car need to regenerate?

Vehicle manufacturers are obliged to respect the Euro norms on exhaust gas emissions. To reduce the amount of noxious gases they use different systems or combinations of systems, which vary significantly from one manufacturer to another.

So, a reasonable question might be: “How fast will the DPF of my car loose efficiency due to partial blocking?” or “When will it regenerate? “

DPF gets blocked faster in city traffic. On the highway the speed is high and the engine much hotter, so regeneration will take place regularly and the filter will be operational longer.

Generally, German cars have the DPF placed closer to the engine, where the temperature is higher and regeneration most efficient. The after treatment system will, of course, perform even longer when the correct lubricant is used.

For example, recent Volkswagen, Mercedes and BMW engines will benefit from WOLF OFFICIATECH 5W30 LL III.

Or, French cars are often smaller and the DPF is placed further from the engine. Temperatures are lower there, so regeneration will be somewhat less efficient. A tailor-made oil, adapted to the corresponding vehicle, will help protect the DPF filter from premature blocking. For Modern Peugeot and Citroën in particular, we recommend WOLF OFFICIALTECH 5W30 C2, and for Renault WOLF OFFICIALTECH 5W30 C4.

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