What is a LongLife Service lubricant?

The notion LongLife was introduced by car manufacturers as VW and BMW at the end of the ‘90s to define prolonged service intervals. These car manufacturers combined their innovative ideas concerning engine design with the development of the newest generation, full synthetic oils. These high-tech lubricants are formulated with superior, highest quality, synthetic base oils and very innovative additive packages. By combining these advanced components, a drain interval till 30 000km can be achieved. Consider, however, that in this technological progress also the quality of the oil filter is of extreme importance. The lubricant manufacturer, the engine technology industry and the car parts developers work together to guarantee the perfect functioning of the engine during longer periods.

To comply with these technologically innovative and highly advanced techniques, we introduced  WOLF OFFICIALTECH 5W30 LL III in our range of products. This full synthetic high-performance lubricant meets the most demanding VW 504.00 and 507.00, BMW LONGLIGE-04 and MB 229.51 specifications.

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