The challenge of extending drain intervals with low viscosity oils

During the past 10 years we have witnessed a tremendous increase in the oil drain intervals for passenger cars and trucks. At the same time the viscosity of most modern lubricants for cars is shifting from 10W-40 to 5W-30 and for cars even lower.

How was this achieved and is it safe for the engine?

The trend towards very low viscosity oils is mainly driven by the need for better Fuel Economy. With the engine running, a significant part of the energy is lost in friction. The low viscosity, high fluidity oils play a role in reducing this friction and contribute to energy saving.

To guarantee complete engine protection and exclude any possibility of premature wear, modern lubricants are formulated on the basis of the highest quality synthetic base oils (API group III and IV) and are enhanced by state of the art additive chemistry. As a result, the engine benefits from continuous lubrication and perfect protection, while at the same time delivering fuel saving.

We offer a complete range of low viscosity WOLF OFFICIALTECH and ECOTECH lubricants delivering the highest level of fuel economy without any compromise on engine protection.

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