Right engine oil for heavy duty CNG engines

Environmental concerns and rising fuel prices are the main factors behind the increased use of compressed natural gas (CNG). Especially public transport companies worldwide are switching to CNG engines for city buses.

Why is CNG a good alternative?

Compared to diesel, CNG-powered vehicles emit much less carbon dioxide (CO2), unburned hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides and particulate matter. An additional advantage is the longer oil life, because CNG does not dilute and contaminate the crankcase lubricant.

The right motor oil for CNG engines

Within our heavy duty motor oil range WOLF OFFICIALTECH 10W40 ULTRA MS is the right engine oil suitable for MB 226.9 specification which refers to an engine oil specially for an LPG and CNG engine.

WOLF OFFICIALTECH 10W40 ULTRA MS is a full synthetic oil perfectly adapted to EURO V engines and compatible with all types of after treatment systems (DPF, EGR, SCR, etc.). This newest generation oil also guarantees perfect engine cleanliness and reliable operation by reducing corrosion, soot and deposits and efficiently protecting the turbocharger.

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    This is a new information for me. The Q and A model content helped a lot to find the best oil treatments, Thanks for sharing this new information to the readers. And also keep sharing the informations like this in the upcoming pages.

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