Greases vs. Lubricants

Greases vs. Lubricants

At Wolf we pride ourselves in being a ‘pure player’ in the lubricants sector. This also includes the manufacturing of greases, which are also responsible for engine lubrication but operate in a different way than a regular lubricant.

No container = no lubricant

First of all, greases are used for lubrication in areas where there is no container to hold a lubricant, like open bearings or gears, and where a continuous supply of oil cannot be retained. To guarantee proper lubrication of these engine parts, greases are used for their ability to stick to the metal surface, without breaking down into droplets.

A grease will also function as a seal that keeps out contaminants instead of absorbing and dissolving them, like lubricants do. On top of that, greases have very specific properties that make them ideal for certain specific applications. That’s why it’s important to know exactly what you will need a grease for!


Like a lubricant, a grease exists out of base oil and additives. Besides that, a grease also has a thickener, that gives it the solid structure ánd provides the grease with certain specific properties. The choice of thickener will determine the application of the grease. Some greases can withstand extreme temperatures, others extreme pressure and there are even greases that are completely waterproof. It’s just a matter of picking the right one!

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