A lubricant, the vital element your car simply can’t do without

A lubricant, the vital element your car simply can’t do without

A lubricant is one of the most important elements of your car. In fact, it is so important your car would simply break down without it! Let’s take a minute to explain the importance of a lubricant and, as a result, the importance of choosing the right lubricant for your car.

You could compare a car to the human body. A car also has legs (the wheels), a head (the steering wheel) and most importantly a heart (the motor). But there’s one more essential element a body can’t do without: the blood. And that’s exactly what a lubricant is to a car: the blood that gives the engine what it needs to function and stay healthy.

  • First of all, a lubricant makes sure your car can function at all! When you look at the inside of a car, you see all these metal components moving and working very close to each other at an incredible speed. However, when two metal parts or surfaces are in contact, there is a certain amount of friction, which will create heat and wear damage.
    And that’s why it’s important to use an appropriate lubricant for your car that will prevent direct contact, and as a result protect it against overheating and wear.
  • Secondly, a lubricant consists of different components that keep your car in good shape. Considering the fact that the temperature within the combustion chamber of an engine can rise to 700° Celsius or higher, it’s important to have an appropriate cooling system. A lubricant consists of cooling elements, and even cleaning elements that dissolve deposits coming from the combustion process.
    And since the lubricant passes through all different car parts it will spread these elements all around the engine, from the pump, the bearings and the oil pressure gauge to the cylinder walls and the crankshaft.

Knowing this, you can understand why using the right lubricant is so important. Or, what the potential consequences of using the wrong oil can be!

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