Wolf VITALTECH 10W40 EXTRA: The lubricant for use with lower quality diesel fuels.

Wolf VITALTECH 10W40 EXTRA: The lubricant for use with lower quality diesel fuels.

Sulfur in diesel fuel contributes to increased acid levels in the engine and causes serious damage on the engine, due to corrosion. We find this low quality diesel fuel in many parts of the world, like the African continent, the CIS countries and Latin-America.


One of the main tasks of an engine oil is to protect the engine, even in challenging conditions like extreme acids levels. Our Wolf VITALTECH 10W40 EXTRA does exactly this and is particularly suited for use with lower quality fuels, with high sulfur content. It provides excellent protection against deposits in oil pipes, turbo’s and provides improved protection against camshaft wear.

The elevated BN (Base Number), even higher than some of our competitors, is key for this product because this shows the high ability of the oil to neutralize acids and to protect the engine against corrosion.

The economic consequences are very positive: lesser stand still of the vehicle and therefore lower operating and maintenance costs.

This lubricant is suitable for more recent passenger cars and heavy duty vehicles without aftertreatment devices.

The lower viscosity, a 10W40, also has a positive effect on the environment as it causes less friction in the engine thus providing fuel economy compared to a normal 15W40 lubricant.

You can find more information about this product on our website www.wolflubes.com.

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