Wolf OFFICIALTECH 0W20 MS-V: official Volvo-approved fuel economy lubricant.

Wolf OFFICIALTECH 0W20 MS-V: official Volvo-approved fuel economy lubricant.

The Volvo Drive-E powertrain technology for four-cylinder gasoline and diesel units calls for a new age engine oil. Just as the Volvo Cars’ Drive-E philosophy to protect our world and to react to the challenges of the future, it is Wolf’s mission to do exactly that and to develop and produce lubricants that go far beyond the ordinary.

Wolf OFFICIALTECH 0W20 MS-V should be used to service the newest gasoline and diesel Volvo Architecture engines. This oil meets the Volvo VCC RBS0-2AE specification. The extremely low viscosity, attained by the use of top quality synthetic base oils, provides an excellent quick and stable lubricant film at cold start. This lubricant is developed for extended oil drain intervals (30.000 km or 2 years).

Moreover, we take our promise to make future mobility more sustainable seriously by optimizing the fuel economy provided by our products. Thanks to the innovative technology, this product guarantees durability and excellent fluidity at every temperature, providing fuel economy from the moment you start the engine of your car. There is a fuel economy benefit over a standard 5W40 reference oil of 1.6 %, even exceeding the Volvo specification level.



The combination of the best possible synthetic base oils, although very thin with their 0W20 viscosity, and the high-tech additive package, delivering a high BN of 7.8 mg KOH/g, provide top quality wear performance and protection against corrosion.

This product is also usable for other passenger car makes requiring a 0W20 viscosity grade and the ACEA A1/B1 performance, thus providing a multi vehicle oil application.

Together with two other products, WOLF VITALTECH 0W30 V and WOLF OFFICIALTECH 5W30 MS-F, you can now service Volvo’s wide range of passenger car engines.

You can find more information about this product on our website www.wolflubes.com.

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