Why are there different coolants?

Why are there different coolants?

Auto coolants were used to be replaced every two years. Nowadays more and more OEMs are recommending the use of extended life coolants with different anti corrosive functions. Coolants are used to protect the cooling system of a car against freezing or overheating. It also protects the radiator construction elements against corrosion.

Coolants have different colors referring to various technologies.  These technologies differ according to the car age and crankcase material nature (aluminum, cast iron, etc.).

Within the Wolf coolant range, you can find the technologies that fit a wide use range. WOLF COOLANT -36°C STANDARD G11 has a blue color and refers to the conventional technology for older cars (20years old). This coolant offers standard protection of about 50 000km*.   



WOLF COOLANT -36°C LONGLIFE G12+ has a pink color and refers to the extended life technology. This coolant offers extended protection of 5 years or 240 000 km**. It is recommended by different OEMs like GM, VW, MB and Ford.



The newest technology in the market is available within the Wolf range through WOLF COOLANT -36°C LONGLIFE G13. It has a purple color, it offers extended life protection of 5 years or 240 000 km*** and uses an environmentally friendly technology.


For better protection of the cooling system, make sure you use the technology that fits your car requirements.


*: in the case of VW cars older than1996

**: in the case of VW cars 2003-2008

***: in the case of VW cars >2010



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