New: engine oils for slower ageing process and longer engine life

The harsh economic reality of the past years is often forcing car owners to drive their vehicle for a few extra years, before switching to a new one. To support their choice and provide them with peace of mind, we developed WOLF EXTENDTECH 5W40 HM and WOLF EXTENDTECH 10W40 HM lubricants.

These oils are especially intended for cars, which have been on the road for many years and have accumulated tenths of kilometers, but which still aim to operate at the top of their capacities.

The exceptional performance level of WOLF EXTENDTECH 5W40 HM  and WOLF EXTENDTECH 10W40 HM is achieved by combining  synthetic base oils and advanced additives. Special chemicals combatting engine and turbocharger deposits will slow down the aging process. Other selected components will actively reduce engine wear, prevent damage and extend oil and engine life.

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