New: Remarkable Fuel Economy performance for an ACEA C3 oil – WOLF ECOTECH 5W30 ULTRA FE

The pressure towards better fuel economy is coming from various directions. From one side, car manufacturers are obliged  to comply with the CO2 emission regulation, if they want to avoid huge penalties. From another side, the difficult economic reality we are witnessing moves the consumers towards fuel efficient cars.

For those eager to achieve top level vehicle performance, while at the same time burning less fuel, we created the unique WOLF ECOTECH 5W30 ULTRA FE.

This is a 5W30 grade, ACEA C3 full synthetic lubricant, which employs the latest know-how in the area of friction reduction and fuel economy. State of the art additives reduce friction losses by half, delivering, depending on conditions, fuel economy above 3%. Advanced chemistry fights against engine wear and deposits at high temperatures and helps extend service life.

WOLF ECOTECH 5W30 ULTRA FE is a Mid SAPS catalyst compatible oil, and is thus suitable for engines with DPF filter.

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