New products within our OFFICIALTECH range!

New products within our OFFICIALTECH range!

In March 2015 we launched a series of new Wolf products. Besides new passenger car motor oils, we also developed a new product for Heavy Duty vehicles and a new Transmission Fluid: Wolf OFFICIALTECH UHPD and Wolf OFFICIALTECH ATF MB FE


This is a full synthetic oil that satisfies the highest performance standards for large trucks. It is a Mid SAPS lubricant, which means it contains a limited amount of Sulphated Ash, Phosphor and Sulphur, the harmful particles which would clog the filter of your aftertreatment system. This makes the oil perfectly compatible with all aftertreatment systems and devices (EGR, SCR, DPF, etc.) in combination with low-sulfur diesel. On top of that, the oil offers outstanding engine cleanliness and durability.

Due to its versatile specification levels it is suitable for a wide range of commercial vehicles. This lubricant is specifically recommended for large truck engines to satisfy the EURO V-standard, and it’s suitable for most EURO VI engines.


This is a full synthetic lubricant intended for the latest Mercedes Benz 7-speed automatic transmissions. It provides excellent frictional durability, superior performance and fuel economy. This new product is recommended for sports vehicles (NAG2FE+) and is not backwards compatible with the previous 5- and 7- speed transmission. This superior quality synthetic oil has been designed to provide exceptional protection and extends oil and automatic transmission life. It has excellent cold start properties, very good shear stability and contributes to fuel economy.



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