Discover our new fuel saving motor oil with BMW Longlife-12 FE specification: the OFFICIALTECH 0W30 MS-BFE

Discover our new fuel saving motor oil with BMW Longlife-12 FE specification: the OFFICIALTECH 0W30 MS-BFE

Have you noticed that the latest engine and maintenance concepts have longer drain intervals? This development demands for matching engine oils. And in view of the current carbon emissions debate and emission regulations, modern engine oils must also better contribute to fuel economy.

Introducing the new Wolf OFFICIALTECH 0W30 MS-BFE
Our new OFFICIALTECH 0W30 MS-BFE was developed with exactly those trends in mind. It is a full synthetic lubricant based on carefully selected very high quality base oils, and produced by the latest technologies. It suits modern engines and saves fuel at the same time.

The OFFICIALTECH 0W30 MS-BFE is specifically developed to meet the BMW Longlife-12 FE specification for gasoline and diesel engines. It meets the requirements of the latest highly engineered turbo engines when it comes to high performance and lower viscosity oils. Together with our other BMW-specification products, like WOLF VITALTECH 10W60 M, you can now service all BMW passenger car engines.

EngineWhen used in BMW diesel engines, the OFFICIALTECH 0W30 MS-BFE shows a proven fuel economy of up to 1.5 % in comparison to BMW Longlife-1 products.

Which other engines benefit from the OFFICIALTECH 0W30 MS-BFE?
This oil is also suitable for:

  • BMW diesel engines as of model year 2014 with no more than 1 turbocharger
  • other passenger cars requiring a 0W30 viscosity grade and the ACEA C2-12 performance level

The last point is due to the reduced sulfated ash content.
The high temperature high shear (HTHS) viscosity of engine oils is critical for the fuel economy and durability of a running engine. Oils with Longlife-12 FE specification have a low HTHS, which is good (see figure below).


When should you not use 0W30 MS-BFE?

  • For engines with 2 or more turbochargers: 4-cylinder diesel engines with power exceeding 140kW or 6-cylinder diesel engines with power exceeding 195kW. Use BMW Longlife-04 specification engine oils for these
  • For the BMW X6 (E71)

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