The trend to durability, optimal performance, easy driving and at the same time fuel efficiency is making its way not only into the engine oil market, but is also affecting the transmission fluids.

6, 7-speed transmissions are used in the most modern, sophisticated vehicles and require adapted fluids in order to guarantee very smooth gear shifting and exceptional wear protection and stability.

As an answer to this trend we developed WOLF OFFICIALTECH ATF MB. This full synthetic, highest quality ATF was especially designed to comply and exceed the requirements of MB 236.14  specification.  It is recommended for the 7G-Tronic and 5-Speed automatic transmissions of Mercedes-Benz and fulfills MB 236.14 and MB 236.5.

Apart from these popular and sophisticated MB specifications, this product can be used in an array of applications, such as vehicles requiring HYUNDAI SP-IV and NISSAN MATIC S.

It contains an additional friction modifier and thus also complies with VW: TL 52162, BMW: LT 71141.

To guarantee the exceptional performance of this oil, only the highest quality full synthetic oils combined with state of the art additives, including an additional friction modifier, were used.

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