Sustainable mobility is key in Wolf’s approach to the market

Sustainable mobility is key in Wolf’s approach to the market

Two years ago, Wolf embarked on a journey towards a new brand proposition. Today, we have created a strong brand and related concepts that have received widespread acceptance in the market. We are very happy to see how our network of distributors has worked with their clients in their country to generate awareness of the Wolf brand and our wide product range.

At Wolf, we believe it is our obligation to help find solutions for the growing challenges of mobility and how we can make mobility more sustainable. There is a strong call to reduce emissions, protect the environment and increase fuel efficiency, especially in urban areas. On the one hand, car sharing programs and Intelligent Transport System will help address these challenges. On the other hand, new compact engines are emerging that require high value lubricants which ensure optimal durability and long-term protection.

Thus we are working continuously to develop sophisticated lubricants that meet the most stringent standards of quality as required by these new engines. In doing so, we contribute to the future of sustainable mobility.

At Wolf, we do a lot more than produce, commercialize and market lubricants. We offer value-added services to our vast network of automotive professionals, all of whom want to be ready for the future.

Watch our brand video on sustainable mobility.

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