Connected car offers significant potential for automotive professionals

Connected car offers significant potential for automotive professionals

According to a consortium of four companies (TomTom, Tech Mahindra, Ericsson and EBS), the emerging networked society is opening up numerous new business opportunities, not least for the Automotive Aftermarket.

With more than one billion cars on the road worldwide, the potential market for the connected car is enormous. Car manufacturers have realized that the digital lifestyle of end-users is driving demand for smart, connected vehicle solutions built around infotainment and convenience.

However, OEM’s are primarily focusing on satisfying this demand through the introduction of new models. With just 60 million new vehicles produced annually, the aftermarket market offers a huge, immediate potential for innovative business models and connected solutions. This will help dealerships and importers to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty in the automotive value chain.

The four companies joined forces and showcased their innovative portfolio for the Connected Aftermarket at Automechanika. The consortium promoted various Telematics Aftermarket products, including connected devices, open platforms and turn-key managed services.

They also gave demonstrations of innovative use cases, including in-vehicle hardware that is capturing real-time vehicle data, sets of business rules that interpret and enrich vehicle data, portals to visualize the captured and enriched vehicle data in order to be presented to end-users, the dealer, the car-importer or car-manufacturer or the fleet-owner.

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