The successful launch of Club Wolf in Jaén, Spain

The successful launch of Club Wolf in Jaén, Spain

On Monday the 2nd of February, Wolf and Repuestos Ramiro launched their pilot project “Club Wolf” in the Spanish province of Jaén. The presentation of the new concept took place in Parador de Santa Catalina, a beautiful medieval castle with a view on the whole city that’s surrounded by olive trees. The first reaction to the project was very positive.

“Club Wolf” is a result of the fruitful cooperation between Wolf and its important distributor Repuestos Ramiro. It’s the first time Wolf launches a network of independent garages in Spain. This new concept offers a total solution to the independent garages that are competing with large OEM groups and are constantly challenged to follow the latest developments within the rapidly evolving lubricants and spare parts market.

Therefore, Wolf offers them a total solution, by providing them a broad range of high quality products, tools and technical trainings. Choosing for Club Wolf will give the garage owner peace of mind and will attract new customers. It’s a win-win situation that will make the workshops within the network even more professional.

“These days, independent garages are facing a difficult economic time. That’s why Repuestos Ramiro and Wolf decided to launch a network that will offer them all the support they need in order for them to become more competitive. The members of Club Wolf will attract new clients and keep their existing ones by offering them several promotions. It’s a network that supports the workshop owner but also keeps the end consumer in mind. It’s a total solution.” explains Miguel Ángel Ramiro Cano, managing partner of Repuestos Ramiro.

And the garage owners appreciate this approach. After the presentation they had the possibility to ask for more information about the project during a reception in the castle.

“I really like the Wolf brand”, says Jose Valverde, “because it is a competitive brand. I’ve been working with the products for more than 2 years and I’m very happy about the quality. I will definitely become a partner of Club Wolf, because I really like the oil cabin and the promotions they offer towards the end consumers. This way I will be able to maintain my customer base, or even expand it!”

For more information about Club Wolf, please contact Repuestos Ramiro:

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