Partnering the right way – our Retail concept

At Wolf, we do not regard ourselves as just an oil supplier. We feel we are obliged to partner with the automotive professional to find answers for the mobility challenges of today of tomorrow. The only way to do so is through close collaboration with all of our partners. We are there to help our large partner community to grow their business. To illustrate this, we are launching our new and innovative retail concept at Automechanika 2014.

The concept is three-fold: it offers a complete image pack to boost shop visibility both on the outside and on the inside. Secondly, it contains a package of technical and commercial support tools and technical trainings. In addition, comprehensive communication support, as well as client acquisition and loyalty programs, will attract customers. It is a tailor-made approach that meets the needs of every type of retail shop.

Practical support

The final goal of our retail concept is to enable the shop owner to establish a stronger connection with his customers, transforming into a partner rather than just being a supplier. We will help shop employees learn all there is to know about the right products for the right customers by providing tools such as the display concept, various online Recommendation Tools and the Recommendation Book.

We are very excited about this concept. What about you? Let us know via the Wolf website.

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