Building the vital lubricant

Building the vital lubricant

The past two years have been amazing for Wolf. The revamp of our brand got great reviews from people in the field. It really made an impact on customers worldwide. The steps we’ve taken these past two years have been huge. And so have been the results. More than ever, we feel we are ready to take on the established brands.

Where 2012-2014 was all about finetuning our vision and creating a new brand to match our innovative products, the future holds a great challenge for all of us. We are busy building an ever expanding sales network, with talented people who can share their knowledge and best practices between them. We are further developing market concepts and rolling out new ideas step by step. Little by little, we’re eating up market share that used to belong to the big established brands. And we’re hungry for more.

It’s been a great ride these past two years. But we’re still only accelerating. The best chapters of our story are yet to be written. The best is yet to come!

Check out the great rebranding video that tells our story:

French: Building the vital lubricant_FR

Spanish: Building the vital lubricant_ES

Russian: Building the vital lubricant_RU


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