ACEA Specification Update 2014

ACEA Specification Update 2014

The ACEA specification is updated each period of two years to ensure continuous engine protection. The last update was in December 2012.
ACEA 2014 Update is expected to be communicated by the end of this year. Its two key drivers are the extended use of biofuels and the advances in engine technologies.

“For the ACEA 2014 sequences, as in previous revisions, we need to secure the basic requirements for market lubricants, this means primarily wear protection, sludge performance, oxidation behaviour and piston cleanliness.”

Anders Roj, Chairman ACEA WG F&L

Within ACEA updates of 2014, we are expecting to see new biodiesel tests for light and heavy duty vehicles and the creation of a new category C5 in light vehicles for SAE XW20 lubricants.
ACEA defines the lubricant quality level.

Wolf Oil has been updating its range of products to keep up to date with ACEA latest updates. WOLF OFFICIALTECH 0W30 MS-BHDI, WOLF EXTENDTECH 5W40 HM and many other products have been updated according to latest ACEA specifications.

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