True dedication takes you places!

When you try to develop a new brand in your local market, it’s important to focus on certain elements, such as the technical training of an extensive sales team, the organization of incentives and a good implementation of the brand. But at the end of the day it takes passion and dedication to take your brand to the highest level. These two characteristics will take you farther than you could ever imagine!

The best example of this approach is shown by our partner Jiklas from Cyprus. From the beginning of our collaboration they were 100% dedicated to our Wolf brand. But what makes them so special? What makes them stand out between all our other distributors? Just like Wolf Oil Corporation, Jiklas is a family business. But it’s a small one. And with small, we mean really small! Father and son are responsible for practically everything, from unloading containers and transporting our products all around the island, to managing sales and administration. There are not a lot of companies like this left in the world! And it pays off: in Cyprus, they were able to obtain the leading market position. We believe that this kind of extreme dedication to our brand needs to be rewarded! And that’s why Jiklas won our annual Distributor of the Year award.


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