The vital rebranding

A little over a year ago, we launched the renewed Wolf brand. A vital step in the further development and positioning of Wolf as an industry leading lubricant brand. This rebranding allows us to highlight just how vital lubricants are to our civilization, now and in the future.

We presented and launched Wolf’s rebranded range of innovative and technology-enhanced lubricants at last year’s Automechanika Frankfurt, and it has been a fascinating journey ever since. With its new positioning and look & feel, Wolf definitely brings a change to the lubricant market. Already present in 47 countries and continuing its expanding global presence, Wolf is on track to become the most valuable and attractive alternative to the established brands.

In a world of increasingly sophisticated engineering, we see a future where practically every machine or engine will be enhanced by a lubricant that has been tailor-made to meet its precise requirements. It’s by cutting-edge innovation and meeting the latest quality and technology standards, that we enhance engine performance and longevity, reduce emissions and provide advanced fuel economy. Our well-established expertise behind the Wolf brand quite literally brings engines to life.

That is why now, more than ever, Wolf is truly the vital lubricant.

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