The secret ingredients of successful partnerships

What does it take to develop a strong partnership with our brand, or to start a new one? It’s actually very simple! These tips will help you make a great start:

  1. Truly believe in the Wolf brand as an added value in your market.
  2. Expand your sales network and bring the lubricants closer to the market.
  3. Organize technical and commercial trainings. This way you increase the level of knowledge about our brand within your sales team.
  4. Organize incentives. It’s very important to keep your sales representatives motivated and show them your appreciation. Team spirit is key!
  5. Organize a unique event or campaign. This can be absolutely anything. Be creative!
  6. Add all the above, and you will automatically notice a significant increase of your results.

A great example of a new and very effective partnership is the collaboration with our partner AzamatTech Service in Uzbekistan. From day 1 they have proven to be very committed to our brand, and have applied every technique mentioned above to get the most out of our partnership. Besides their technical trainings and incentives, they even organized a First Drag Race to put Wolf in the spotlight. Thanks to their remarkable effort AzamatTech Service won our annual Best New Distributor of the Year award.

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