The power of market implementation

When starting a partnership it’s important to focus on implementing the brand in an effective way in your local market. Recambios Valladares, our partner in the Canary Islands, did not take this advice lightly! They started from scratch and ended up market leader in their region.

Curious about how they managed to do that?  Let’s see what they’ve been up to…

Last year Recambios Valladares thought of some very creative ways to put Wolf in the spotlight. They made a TV commercial that aired during the national football league, they sponsored a local TV network that specializes in the car industry and they branded multiple delivery vans. They even invested in the sponsorship of a rally car, which only recently won the local championship. Apart from all the attention they brought to our brand, they also successfully implemented our oil cabins.

As a token of our appreciation for their strong commitment Wolf and their refreshing ideas we rewarded Recambios Valladares with our annual MARCOM implementation award.

Click here to watch one of their videos, and be inspired!

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