Suvima, an inspiration for the Wolf family

Sharing positive experiences is something we encourage and treasure within our Wolf family. We like to call these experiences our Best Practices and every year we elect one distribution partner who organized the most inspiring Best Practice. You could see it as the “best” Best Practice. This year it was Suvima, our partner in Valencia (Spain), who received the prestigious Best Practice of the Year Award.

Suvima received this award because of their unique internal incentive. Our partner succeeded in creating a competitive, yet fun, environment within its sales team in order to get everybody excited. Every week, from February to July, the sales representatives updated their results. Those who ended with the highest sales numbers were able to join the incentive. As a result, the sales team had a much higher involvement with the brand. The fact that they were competing against each other meant that they were challenged on a daily basis, which also added an element of fun. This technique did not only motivate their sales team, it also pushed the Wolf brand even more into the local market. It’s no surprise that this very clear internal communication technique had a positive effect.

Other than that, Suvima has proven to be an excellent partner due to their professional planning and execution, strong communication, cooperation and feedback. In combination with their high involvement and the significant sales results they achieved with the incentive, we believe they truly deserved this year’s Best Practice of the Year Award.

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