Let’s get technical

Fact No. 1: the automotive industry is changing at a rapid pace

Fact No. 2: as a professional in the automotive aftermarket, whether you’re a workshop owner or a counter employee in a spare parts shop, it’s often difficult to be on top of the latest technical developments at all times.

Fact No. 3: we have partners, like L-Auto in Belarus, who offer a solution.

That’s also the reason why L-Auto won this year’s Technical Excellence Award during our annual Wolf Distributor Event. They received this award because of their high involvement with our brand and their active approach to improve product awareness. L-Auto has differentiated itself by the organization of training sessions for their sales teams as well as for their clients, which were completely dedicated to the Wolf brand and the Wolf products. The company even organized brainstorm sessions in order to define the training needs at both sales representative and client level.

Wolf attaches great importance to its distributors as well as to its clients because we believe it’s our job to offer our partners support at all levels. L-Auto gave us the opportunity to do exactly that. On top of these training sessions they also organized a technical seminar consisting of a round table event where clients were free to ask questions. These kind of Q&A sessions allow us to improve our insights of the local Belarusian market, in order to expand our support in the future.

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