Empowering your sales force

Empowering your sales force

Our sales people all over the world are the spearheads of everything we do. They close the crucial deals we need to keep on growing.

But our sales force can’t do that on its own. They need support – great support. That’s why we’ve created the sales rep box and the iPad application for showcasing our brand, our products and solutions. They work perfectly in workshops and car dealerships, and they boost the knowledge of our sales force along the way.

Today, Wolf is sold by over a thousand sales representatives in some eighty countries. That’s a magnificent army, with a lot of selling power. Discover in this video how these tools support them every step of the way.

W_Empowering your sales force _ES

W_Empowering your sales force _FR

W_Empowering your sales force_RU

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