Are you ready for the first Wolf Race in Lithuania?

Are you ready for the first Wolf Race in Lithuania?

In May 2015 the Autoplius Fast Lap season officially starts under the name of “Wolf Race”! This event is the most popular international track racing series in the Baltics, passing through Lithuania, Estonia and Poland. Every year an impressive number of 171 unique drivers from 5 different countries take part in the race, cheered on by 4000 (!) spectators.

Thanks to UAB Autotrade, our distributor in Lithuania and primary sponsor of Autoplius Fast Lap, we were able to support the race – which has been renamed for the season to “Wolf Race” – and we even founded an exclusive “Wolf Academy”.

From the beginning of April, the Wolf Academy offered training session where experienced Lithuanian racing specialist shared their knowledge with Autoplius Fast Lap racers, who have less experience on racing circuits. These trainings covered all aspects of circuit racing, from racing ethics and the psychological aspects of racing to general safety on track. On top of that, the reasons and consequences of different incidents that have occurred on racing circuits were discussed.

“Supporting Autoplius Fast Lap together with Wolf is the perfect opportunity to collaborate and to contribute to the growth of motorsport”, explains Gintautas Ignotas, manager of Autotrade, “We organized the trainings to contribute to the safety and effectiveness of the race. These sessions were not only effective, they were also very appealing for the spectators!”

Are you ready for the one and only Wolf Race?!


1st stage – “Nemuno žiedas” track, Kacergine, Lithuania – May 16th 2015

2nd stage – “Poznan Tor” track, Poznan, Poland – June 11th 2015

3rd stage – “Auto24Ring” track, Parnu, Estonia– July 7th-8th 2015

4th stage – “Nemuno žiedas” track, Kacergine, Lithuania – September 12th 2015

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