It’s all about teamwork, right?

We’re very proud of what our brand has achieved the past two years. But we don’t like to stand still. Our lubricants are made for moving vehicles, so we should always be on the move too. It’s vital to our success.

But even more crucial is the support we get from you – our Wolf family. You are the partners we need to further establish our presence across the Wolf universe. We need you to go out every day, looking for opportunities to increase our common market share. To reach our common goal.

In the end, it’s all about teamwork, right? We’ve shown this already at our Distributor Event in Antwerp and Rome. But at this year’s Automechanika fair in Frankfurt, we’ll tie the bond even further. Be prepared to be amazed.

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Wolf is vitalizing the world

The past years have been quite the journey for Wolf. Sure, we’ve invested heavily in the expansion of our international network and we launched the Wolf rebranding throughout the world… But still: to reach these numbers was surprising even for us.

And with more success comes a growing hunger for more. After only two years, we have already expanded our network into 80 countries, but we’re not stopping there. We are continuously developing new innovative approaches to become the leading aftermarket B brand in these countries. And as you can see in the video below, this goes hand in hand with an incredible growth.

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Wolf is vitalizing the world _ES

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Building the vital lubricant

The past two years have been amazing for Wolf. The revamp of our brand got great reviews from people in the field. It really made an impact on customers worldwide. The steps we’ve taken these past two years have been huge. And so have been the results. More than ever, we feel we are ready to take on the established brands.

Where 2012-2014 was all about finetuning our vision and creating a new brand to match our innovative products, the future holds a great challenge for all of us. We are busy building an ever expanding sales network, with talented people who can share their knowledge and best practices between them. We are further developing market concepts and rolling out new ideas step by step. Little by little, we’re eating up market share that used to belong to the big established brands. And we’re hungry for more.

It’s been a great ride these past two years. But we’re still only accelerating. The best chapters of our story are yet to be written. The best is yet to come!

Check out the great rebranding video that tells our story:

French: Building the vital lubricant_FR

Spanish: Building the vital lubricant_ES

Russian: Building the vital lubricant_RU



There is no such thing as a ‘universal 5W30’

We are sorry to bring it to you, but contrary to what some would claim, there is no such thing as a universal 5W30 for all vehicles. Car manufacturers are continuously looking for smaller, cleaner and more durable engines, equipped with after treatment systems (DPF, EGR, SCR). These innovative engines need innovative lubricants to optimize and protect them. Because every manufacturer has its own engines with its own specifications (e.g. VW 504.00/507.00 or Ford WSS-M2C934-B), every engine needs its own specific package of additives. The result is a large variety of 5W30 oils, each with a different composition.


Wolf Product Update Q1/14

As a leading international lubricant expert, we pride ourselves in keeping our extensive product range in sync with the market developments. It’s by adopting this approach that Wolf keeps up to date with the market drivers towards less CO2, more fuel economy and improved durability.

The result is a set of new, upgraded and updated products.


Discover them by downloading the Wolf Product Range Update presentation below:










Wolf continues strong development in the CIS region

Automechanika Moscow, Russia’s leading International Trade Fair for the Automotive Industry, and Wolf lubes have something special together. Last year, the visitors at this international trade fair for Russia and the CIS countries were amongst the first to discover the renewed Wolf brand. An important milestone in the history of our lubricant brand, and at the same time a vital step in our further approach as an industry leading lubricant brand. We took a good start in bringing Wolf to the CIS countries and Automechanika Moscow was a vital element in expanding our presence in the region.

This year’s edition of Automechanika Moscow was no different. We took up where we left off last year and welcomed over 500 participants from Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Moldova and of course Russia on our stand during the four days of the trade fair. Overall, we can conclude Automechanika Moscow was again an important opportunity to meet our partners and potential partners in the region.

The pictures below give you an impression of what this year’s booth was like.

However, the best possible way to experience the Wolf brand is to visit us yourself. You can do this at Equip Auto, taking place at Paris Nord Villepinte, Parc des Expositions,  from the 16th to 20th of October. For more information, check our website



The vital rebranding

A little over a year ago, we launched the renewed Wolf brand. A vital step in the further development and positioning of Wolf as an industry leading lubricant brand. This rebranding allows us to highlight just how vital lubricants are to our civilization, now and in the future.

We presented and launched Wolf’s rebranded range of innovative and technology-enhanced lubricants at last year’s Automechanika Frankfurt, and it has been a fascinating journey ever since. With its new positioning and look & feel, Wolf definitely brings a change to the lubricant market. Already present in 47 countries and continuing its expanding global presence, Wolf is on track to become the most valuable and attractive alternative to the established brands.

In a world of increasingly sophisticated engineering, we see a future where practically every machine or engine will be enhanced by a lubricant that has been tailor-made to meet its precise requirements. It’s by cutting-edge innovation and meeting the latest quality and technology standards, that we enhance engine performance and longevity, reduce emissions and provide advanced fuel economy. Our well-established expertise behind the Wolf brand quite literally brings engines to life.

That is why now, more than ever, Wolf is truly the vital lubricant.


The challenge of extending drain intervals with low viscosity oils

During the past 10 years we have witnessed a tremendous increase in the oil drain intervals for passenger cars and trucks. At the same time the viscosity of most modern lubricants for cars is shifting from 10W-40 to 5W-30 and for cars even lower.

How was this achieved and is it safe for the engine?

The trend towards very low viscosity oils is mainly driven by the need for better Fuel Economy. With the engine running, a significant part of the energy is lost in friction. The low viscosity, high fluidity oils play a role in reducing this friction and contribute to energy saving.

To guarantee complete engine protection and exclude any possibility of premature wear, modern lubricants are formulated on the basis of the highest quality synthetic base oils (API group III and IV) and are enhanced by state of the art additive chemistry. As a result, the engine benefits from continuous lubrication and perfect protection, while at the same time delivering fuel saving.

We offer a complete range of low viscosity WOLF OFFICIALTECH and ECOTECH lubricants delivering the highest level of fuel economy without any compromise on engine protection.


What is a LongLife Service lubricant?

The notion LongLife was introduced by car manufacturers as VW and BMW at the end of the ‘90s to define prolonged service intervals. These car manufacturers combined their innovative ideas concerning engine design with the development of the newest generation, full synthetic oils. These high-tech lubricants are formulated with superior, highest quality, synthetic base oils and very innovative additive packages. By combining these advanced components, a drain interval till 30 000km can be achieved. Consider, however, that in this technological progress also the quality of the oil filter is of extreme importance. The lubricant manufacturer, the engine technology industry and the car parts developers work together to guarantee the perfect functioning of the engine during longer periods.

To comply with these technologically innovative and highly advanced techniques, we introduced  WOLF OFFICIALTECH 5W30 LL III in our range of products. This full synthetic high-performance lubricant meets the most demanding VW 504.00 and 507.00, BMW LONGLIGE-04 and MB 229.51 specifications.


Preparing for the future – the TGDI engines

New vehicles now often have a Turbo Gasoline Direct Injection (TGDI) engine: today, TGDI represent 15 – 20% of new engine production. It is expected that half of the passenger cars sold by 2020 will be with GDI or TGDI, as mentioned in the article by Keith Howard ‘Turbocharged direct injection is engine oil’s next big hurdle’, Lubes’n’greases, January 2013 (

The benefits of TGDI are clear:

  • They provide +/-25% reduction in fuel consumption and improvement in CO2 emissions.
  • TGDI helps European Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to meet the CO2 limits and avoid penalties.

It is vital to choose the best engine oil: as direct injection is more severe, motor oils for TGDI will have to be highly resistant to oxidation, thickening, sludge, deposits, etc.

As TGDI engines are relatively new, ACEA and individual OEMs are currently developing tests and specifications to evaluate oil performance in these engines. Wolf Lubricants follows the topic closely in order to be ready to offer a suitable motor oil. For example, our WOLF ECOTECH 5W20 FE is especially adapted to the Ford 1.6 16V Ti-VCT and 1.6 EcoBoost/ECOnetic turbocharged, direct injection gasoline engines. This full synthetic engine oil is developed to meet the requirements of the Ford WSS-M2C-925-B specification and provides a superior level of fuel economy and CO2 reduction.